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Monday, March 18, 2013

31 Reasons to Smile

1. A Facebook invitation to connect with a long-lost friend thousands of miles away—across the other side of the continent.

2. Finding geometric shapes in the clouds.

3. The smell of a math book fresh from the printer.

4. Seeing someone helping a blind 70-year-old crossing the road.

5. Your child sneaking in her phone even when she's answering to nature's call.

6. Your daughter undecided whether she'd go out with that boy from her class.

7. Double rainbows.
Double Rainbow
© www.vibrantnation.com

8. Hearing that a friend or colleague has successfully gone through her chemotherapy sessions, and she's recovering fast.

9. The public library opens on Boxing Day.

10. Finding the clue to solving a mathematical problem.

11. Going to a public forum and finding that the free food tastes better than those served at five-star hotels.

12. Middle-aged women with heavy make-ups and dyed hair, and they look pretty ugly!

13. Men and women who wear winter clothes in humid, hot Singapore.

14. Your hamster or guinea pig which greets you when you come back home.

15. When you find that you're the only one using the toilet, or the only passenger in a public bus.

16. Ordering a dessert you hadn't had for ages at a food carnival.

17. A free copy of a newly published book from an author-friend himself, which you plan to buy at your next visit to the bookstore.

Junk Mail
© www.toonpool.com

18. Grammatically correct spam e-mails, where the language proficiency is better than those sent by your editors.

19. Being able to access your e-mail at a location you thought would not receive a Wi-Fi signal.

20. Preachers who blushed on expounding on topics such as sex, lying, and secret sins.

21. Hearing someone fart loudly in a train or in a public library.

22. Seeing semi-naked men whose breasts are larger than those of most women.

© cakeordeathcartoon.wordpress.com
23. An old folk nervously solving a sudoku.

24. Receiving those politically correct rejection letters, saying that your skills don't match the requirements of the post applied.

25. The seat next to you staying empty on a plane.

26. Shopkeepers who use the abacus to find the total amount you need to pay.

27. Remember composing your first SMS or e-mail.

28. Finding an out-of-print math book at a second-hand bookstore.

29. Spotting a slide rule or logarithm table at a flea market—vintage math.

A typical 20th century slide rule  
© cai.cam.ac.uk

30. Your average grade seven math student giving private tuition to a grade two student.

31. Seeing your child solve an elementary math problem that you couldn't solve when you're at her age.

© Yan Kow Cheong, March 18, 2013