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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Book-Smart Math vs. Street-Smart Math


Based on the picture and text, who do you think got a better deal? Which party ended up happier: Customer or Seller?

Would you agree that the young exam-smart customer was outfoxed by the old street-smart fruit seller? 

Aren’t we all guilty of this “book- or exam-smart syndrome,” when we’d buy more than what we needed because we thought we’re getting a good deal, or we didn’t want to be taken advantage of?

In the end, isn’t the supermarket or shop owner or fruit seller who’s having the last laugh, while the customer thinks they’re the “smarter one”?

Isn’t it a case of “more is less”? When A-students are being outwitted every day by C-students in the marketplace!

It’s probably no wonder that most exam-smart A-students around the world end up working for street-smart C-students. The former have so much to lose, compared to the latter who’ve far more to gain (if they do make it!).

If you’re a “math educator” (teacher, tutor, writer, editor, ghostwriter, lecturer, “moonlighter,” …), do you have what it takes to venture into the business of math or math education? 

Smartly yours

Photo © Anon.

Stole the attached picture from ex-colleague-and-friend WeePing Chun on Facebook.

© Yan Kow Cheong, May 9, 2023.