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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ten Daffynitions of a Calculator

YKC's Ten Daffynitions of a Calculator

Daffynitions are toss-off definitions, which are basically rib-nudging, brain-tickling one-liners. Let's look at these infuriating, "anti-Websterisms" when applied to a calculator.

1. A battery- or solar-powered electronic version of the abacus.

2. A Christmas toy for those who are prone to breaking things.

3. A brain-substitute device for performing mental calculation.

4. A toy for atrophying one’s mental faculties for doing arithmetic.

5. A God-sent tool over the once indispensable log tables and the slide rule.

6. An affordable collector’s tech-item for pubescent geeks.

7. A banned gadget in many schools but seldom used by government officials.

8. A tool that helps to promote innumeracy if used excessively or indiscriminately.

9. An inexpensive gadget that reduces the drudgery of repetitive or tedious calculations.

10. A piece of technology with near-zero progress in its design and functionality.

What's your daffynition of the modern-day abacus?

The Devil’s Mathematics Dictionary
Calculator: A device designed to teach students that ab is the same as a x 10b.