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Monday, August 21, 2023

A Numbers Puzzle

On X (formerly Twitter), @wiseconnector posed the following question:

How many numbers can you find?

It’s never too late for an eye check-up and also an opportunity to hone your logical and visualization skills.

This logic or math question can serve as an icebreaker at a birthday party even for those who proudly or unashamedly boast of being “hopeless at math or numbers.” 

Try it! The answer is anything but obvious.

Ask a toddler or kindergartener, and also your seniors at home, especially if you’re concerned that they might succumb to dementia or Alzheimer’s in their later years, based on your family health history—a [generational?] curse you can break in the name of Jesus if you don’t want your children and their children to go through this mental illness in their golden years.

Summarize the answers to this puzzle from different age groups in a statistical diagram, say, a pie or bar chart. The information is likely to surprise you, giving you some insights what is going on in people’s minds when they try solving this kind of trick or tricky math question.

This little mathematical quickie has the potential to unite rather than divide people, by bringing them and their loved ones and friends much joy and laughter—never mind if they can’t always agree on the correct answer.

Logically & visually yours

© Yan Kow Cheong, August 21, 2023

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