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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mathematical Haikus for Kiasus

Some 17 odd hours ago, I posted "Mathematical Haikus for Goondus* and Suakus" on Facebook. I hypothesized that composing or formulating these 17-syllabled verses may help one to balance the left mathematical part with the often-atrophied right part of the brainHere's another lot of these 5-7-5-like crude non-seasonal poems.

Make Every Nanosecond Count

Three scores and ten
Roughly a billion heartbeats
Use your time wisely

How Many Misteaks Are There?

On the train platform
Train arriving in ''one mins''
That's non-SI time!

Issued by Japan in 1984 

Rightly Theirs
That kids can recall
Pythagorean Theorem
That proves their "math rights"

The Craze Is Back

Dare to sign up for
Rubik's Cube Competition?
That's raw math talent! 

A Modern-day Rubik Cube

Sudoku, again?
Think of something more worthy
To tickle your brain


Sam Loyd’s Alleged Invention

That cheap toy of yesteryear
Order it on eBay

A Math Competition for All

AMC* is best
The most popular contest
In the world today

*Australian Mathematics Competition

Where Cool Math Things Happen

MAA is cool!
The association to be
For math geeks and nerds

The World's Most Disliked Subject

Why you dislike math?
MATH is a four-letter word
A turn-off for kids

A Key to Unlocking the Universe’s Secrets

Math is a language
With notations and notions
To model the world

Some Like It With an “S”

Is it MATH or MATHS?
It all depends where you live!
Your location counts.

Product Details

The Most Quoted Verse

What's John 3:16?
God's numerical message
Of His Love for you

NUMBERS 1:1-36:13 

The Book of Numbers
Is not really a math book
But God's Almanac! 

Social Media MATH

To blog or to tweet?
It's hard to make up my mind
I choose to do both


Micromath 4 U
In 140 words
To share your sweet tweets


Five-minute math posts
On pop culture and gossip
For friends, fiends, and foes

The Chewing Gum Land

A math sanctuary
The ''fine city'' Singapore
Offers jail and cane

Triple Firsts in TIMSS

SINgapore’s success?
A haven of ''cheat/cheap'' books
© Yan Kow Cheong, 2011

To meet kiasus’ needs

Superstitiously Yours 

Friday the 13th 
An urban myth to promote 
Irrational fear

Apocalypse now

Faith in the Mayas
Dec 21, 2012
Where will you be then?

Singapore’s Papyrus

The model method
A mere fad or a cool tool?
To soothe the mind's eye

Faith or Fear in 1’s and 2’s

The Y2K scare
Next it's 12/21/12
Marketing faux fear?

© 2012 Yan Kow Cheong

Another Creative Math Title

Cre8tively yours
Who Took My Calculator?
Coming your way soon!

It's time to compose a few mathematical haikus to tickle the right part of your grey matter. And remember to share them with the rest of the mathematical brethren.

A 17-letter 
m-a-t-h-e-m-a-t-i-c-a-l H-A-I-K-U
Longs to be composed

* Suakus and Goondus are the Asian equivalents of Dummies, Idiots, Blockheads, and Morons.
# Kiasus are those who are afraid to lose out, displaying signs of self-centeredness and selfishness.

© Yan Kow Cheong, July 10, 2011

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