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Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 Things You Wished Were Untrue about Christmas

25. Toys are made affordable for millions of parents thanks to the appalling working conditions endured by under-aged children in Santa’s sweatshops, in China.

image photo : Fractal Christmas trees
Fractal Christmas Trees
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24. Proud CEO: “My time in looking for a five-dollar present for my company Christmas party is worth more than US$2,525—I’d rather issue a check 100 times the amount for the gift.”

23. An e-card costs much less than 25 cents—maybe a mere 2.5 cents plus or minus a few bits and bytes.

22. There are fewer joyful people on Christmas Day than on any other day of the year. Do you know why?

21. Men dishonor Christ more in the 12 days of Christmas than in all the 12 months of the year—by their boozing and carousing.

20. Even staunch Christians may not be aware that Christmas is a pagan feast, originally meant to worship the Sun god, instead of the Son of God.

19. There may be more non-believers celebrating Xmas than believers every year.

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18. Singles, poor people, and entrepreneurs could not wait for Christmas to come and go—not a happy time to be alone or be lonely.

17. Many believers and non-believers celebrate Christmas without a genuine understanding of the meaning of the public holiday—probably the most celebrated and the least understood festival of the year.

16. Retailers rely on Xmas significantly on the festive sales to remain financially afloat.

15. People merry so much on Xmas Eve that they don’t have time to open up their Xmas gifts—Boxing Day often becomes a sleeping day!

14. Even believers forget that Christmas needn’t be merry to be meaningful—it is the Christ of Christmas that needs to be celebrated, not Christmas itself.

13. Believers and non-believers are more and more expensively anxious or stressed to buy something to please others—as a sign of showing off their wealth, or exhibiting misplaced generosity.

12. New Christians do not want to be excluded from Christmas as they await for their employers’ Christmas bonus—that universally revered figure.

11. Employees are willing to work under unreasonable bosses because of the Christmas bonus—many at the same place, for the same boss, for more than 25 years.

The Search

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10. Believers from other faiths often feel morally obliged to celebrate Christmas with their Christian colleagues and neighbors, all in the name of religious harmony.

9. Religious fanatics intolerant of Christianity wished Christmas were celebrated every quarter of a century instead of every year.

8. Some people would buy off a Christmas gift for their children on eBay for several thousand times the original price.

7. People max out their credit cards to finance the gift storm, as compared to their grandparents who saved money for Christmas.

6. Some allegedly US-friendly Arab nations tend to treat Christians worse than those living under dictatorial Muslim rule.

5. A month after Christmas, the holiday is only halfway paid off—credit card debt resulting from a borrowed merry Christmas. And a third of the money borrowed for Christmas spending is still not paid off two months after the holiday.

CHRISTmaths: A Creative Problem Solving Math Book
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4. This Christmas over a billion people in the world are surviving on less than 70 pence a day.

3. Politically correct retailers have banished Jesus and Christmas from the mall to accommodate to the secular demands of agnostics and non-theists.

2. Christmas is celebrated today more like a sales frenzy than as the most important birth in history—the commercial mentality has robbed the message of giving.

1. The closer people get to Christmas, the pressure to give these (useless) unnecessary gifts goes up and they feel depressed and unworthy if they can’t give.

Merry X-W/g to all!

© Yan Kow Cheong, Dec. 15, 2011

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